Well, it’s summer break, which means…I’m back to being bored and having nothing to do. :/ So I decided to try and rekindle my blog again. Umm, so, what to talk about? I am SO glad  school is over and I FINALLY have some time to relax. Been reading the 9th “Pretty Little Liars” book, Twisted, recently. Oh god. SO intense and suspensful. And I’m currently watching “America’s Got Talent” at the moment. What time is it? Oh, about 1:53 AM. Now, look at yourself. How are you doing this summer? How can you step up your behavior and activities? Are you staying up all night watching re-runs of reality TV? Maybe it’s just me…or maybe not? Now think…have you ever wanted to change your normal, tedious routines? I know I did (and do). But keep this in mind when you take an overly average trip to the beach.

“Ain’t no man can avoid being born average, but there ain’t no man got to be common.”
Satchel Paige